Chorus Unaccompanied or with Keyboard

Old Home Day

"Go my songs!" (Ives)  
Transcribed and edited from the orig. song by 1. Gregg Smith, 
2. Alexander Dashnaw (pf=4 hands) (each version, sc for sale)

For You and Me!

"For you and me the world is fair" (anon.) 
Edited by Clifford Richter for TTBB qrt or cho (original version) 
Also arranged by Clifford Richter for SATB qrt or cho


"Now came still Evening on, and Twilight gray" (Milton) 
Arranged by Ronald Herder from original song 
(see also Ives's version for chamber ensemble with opt voice)

The Circus Band

"All summer long, we boys" (Ives) 
Arranged by Alexander Dashnaw from version for mixed chorus and orchestra 
(Also arranged by Jonathan Elkus for symphonic band with opt mixed chorus)