Chorus with Orchestra or Chamber Ensemble

Title Notation Description
Christmas Music MER 8 min.
i. Adeste Fideles "O come, all ye faithful" (Wade)
ii. December "Last, for December, houses on the plain" (Rossetti, after Folgore da San Gemignano)
iii. A Christmas Carol "Little star of Bethlehem" (Ives)

unis cho; 2-2-2-2; 2-3-3-1; pf, hp, mar; str

Arranged by Lou Harrison from original versions for organ, for chorus and chamber ensemble, and for voice and piano (sc and pts for rent)

(Note: Complete work is available from Merion by special arrangement.) 

December PEER 1 min.

unis men's cho; pic, 2 cl; 2 hn, 3 tpt, 3 tbn, tba

"Last, for December, houses on the plain" (Rossetti, after Folgore da San Gemignano)  
Edited by Nicolas Slonimsky (sc, cho and instr pts for sale)

Johnny Poe PEER 3½ min.

TTBB cho; pic-2-2-2-b cl-2-cbn; 4-3-3-1; timp, perc (sn, dr, b dr, cym), ch, pf; str 

"When fell the gloom across the field" (Low) 
Ives Society critical edition realized by John Kirkpatrick 
(sc and pf/vo red for sale, pts for rent)

Lincoln, The Great Commoner MER 3 min.

unis cho (divisi); 2-2-2-2; 0-2-2-1; timp, low bell, pf; str (opt pic)

"And so he came from the prairie cabin" (Markham) 
sc for sale, pts for rent

Processional: Let There Be Light PEER 2 min.

Version 1: Mixed chorus; org; 
Version 2: TTBB or SSAATTBB cho; org (or str orch), extra organist/4 vn (opt 4 tbn may double or replace chorus) 

"This is the day of light" (Ellerton) 
Version 2: sc, pf/vo red, and instr pts for sale 
Ives Society critical edition of both versions in prep.

Psalm 135 MER 3 min.

SSAATTBB cho; tpt, tbn; timp, perc (t dr, b dr); org 

"Praise ye the Lord, praise ye the name of the Lord" (King James version) 
Ives Society critical edition by John Kirkpatrick (sc for sale; instrumentalists read from sc)

The Bells of Yale PEER 2 min.

Version 1: Bar solo, TTBB qrt or cho, vc 
Version 2: Bar solo, TTBB or cho, bells, pf, vc 
Version 3: Bar solo, unision male qt or cho, pf, vn 

"Ring out, sweet chime, the world is young" (Mason) 
Ives Society critical edition in prep

The Celestial Country PEER 37 min.

Cantata for Ten, Bar soli, 2 solo qrt (SATB/SATB), SATB cho; tpt, euph; timp, org; str qrt or str orch. Pf/vo reduction by John Kirkpatrick 

Text from Henry Alford's hymn, "Forward! Be Our Watchword" (1871) 
Ives Society critical edition of full score in prep for sale (pf/vo red for sale; sc and pts for rent) 
(Baritone aria "Naught that Country Needeth" and tenor aria "Forward into Light" also available in 114 Songs and Sacred Songs)

The Circus Band PEER 3 min.

SSATTBB cho (opt); pic, fl, 2 cl; tpt/cnt, 3 tbn, tuba; perc (sn dr, b dr, cym); str [2 vn, db] (opt vc) 

Orchestrated by George Roberts under Ives's supervision from the original song (sc, pf/vo red, and instr pts for sale) 
(Also arranged by Alexander Dashnaw for mixed chorus and piano 4 hands and by Jonathan Elkus for symphonic band with opt mixed chorus)

They Are There! (A War Song March) PEER 3 min.

Version 1: unis cho, vn, fl/fife, 2 pf (sc available on rental) 
Version 2: (ed. Lou Harrison; Ives Soc. edn in prep): unis cho; 2 pic-2-2-2-2; 4-2-2-1; perc (sn dr, b dr, cym), ch, pf; str (sc, pf/vo red, and instr pts for sale) 

"There's a time in many a life" (Ives) 
(Also arranged by Alexander Dashnaw for unison chorus with piano 4 hands, and by Gregg Smith for unison chorus with piano)

Three Harvest Home Chorales MRC 7 min.

SATB (div) cho; 4 tpt, 3 tbn, tuba; org 

(pf/vo red for sale, sc and pts for rent; Ives Society critical edition by Paul C. Echols in prep)