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"Round and round the old dance ground" (Ives) 
Transcribed and edited by Gregg Smith from original song

A Son of a Gambolier

"Come join my humble ditty" (anon.) 
Transcribed and edited by Gregg Smith for unis cho, pf, opt fl/vn/kazoos; arranged 
by Alexander Dashnaw for unis cho, pf 4 hd, opt fl/vn/kazoos (both versions from original song). 
(see also Ives's version for chamber orchestra; also arranged by Jonathan Elkus for symphonic band)


"Stars of the summer night" (Longfellow) 
Ives Society critical edition in prep

Old Home Day

"Go my songs!" (Ives)  
Transcribed and edited from the orig. song by 1. Gregg Smith, 
2. Alexander Dashnaw (pf=4 hands) (each version, sc for sale)