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The Circus Band

"All summer long, we boys" (Ives) 
Arranged by Alexander Dashnaw from version for mixed chorus and orchestra 
(Also arranged by Jonathan Elkus for symphonic band with opt mixed chorus)


"O'er the mountain towards the west" (Ives) 
Arranged by Herbert Haufrecht from song for voice and piano


"A sound of a distant horn" (Ives) f 
(Part of Chamber Orchestra Set No. 7: Water Colors/iii, under the mvt. title "The Pond") 
Ives Society critical edition by Kenneth Singleton (sc and pts for sale) 
(Arranged by Ives from version for voice and piano)

An Old Song Deranged

"Songs my mother taught me in the days long vanished" (Heyduk) 
(sc and pts for rent) 
(Arranged by Ives from original version, "Songs My Mother taught Me," for voice and piano)

Old Home Day

"Go, my songs! Draw Daphnis from the city" (Ives)  
(orch realized by Kenneth Singleton; sc and pts for rent)