The first comprehensive Charles Ives discography, compiled by Richard Warren, was published in 1972. In the decades following, Warren, along with staff of the Yale Collection of Historical Sound Recordings, continued documenting newly released recordings of Ives’ music. With support from the Charles Ives Society, Kevin Sherwin completed compiling the discography to include recordings until 2019, and Nicholas Brewer edited and facilitated its online publication and search functions.

This online discography is a comprehensive and searchable list, presented in order of the table of contents listed below. For each composition, recordings are listed in chronological order. The table of contents is based on the structure of James Sinclair’s A Descriptive Catalogue of the Music of Charles Ives, which reflects the current catalogue of recordings of Charles Ives’ music. For more detailed explanations of the discography’s compilation and use of this website, please see the above links to the Preface and Usage Guide.


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Recording Date/Location Performing Artists Record Label, Release Number, Format, Release Year Album Names Additional Recording Notes
ca. 1940s Felix Galimir, violin; Siegfried Palm, violoncello; David Golub, piano Yale Charles Ives Non-Commercial Sound Recordings 39002038374022, 1/4 inch sound tape reel.
October 26 & 27, 1965, Manhattan Towers Hotel, New York City, NY. Nieuw Amsterdam Trio: John Pintavalle, violin; Heinrich Joachim, violoncello; Edith Mocsanyi, piano Decca DL10126 (Matrix: MG10236T1), 33.3 RPM (1966). Decca DL710126 (Matrix: 7102361), stereo 33.3 RPM (1966). Ives Trio - Copland Vitebsk - Bloch Three Nocturnes
1966, Coolidge Auditorium, The Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. Beaux Arts Trio of New York (Daniel Guilet, violin; Bernard Greenhouse, violoncello; Menahem Pressler, piano) Recorded live from radio broadcast
May 11 & 12, 1970, 30th Street Studio, New York City, NY. Paul Zukofsky, violin; Robert Sylvester, violoncello; Gilbert Kalish, piano Columbia M30230, stereo 33.3 RPM (1970). Soundmark Records 48293, CD (2011). Charles Ives Chamber Music.
November 18, 1970, Decca Studios, London, England, UK Pacific Art Trio: Alice Shapiro, piano; Israel Baker, violin; Edgar Lustgarten, cello Delos Del-25402, 33.3 RPM (1975). Delos DE1009, CD (1987). Erich Wolfgang Korngold: Piano Trio, Op. 1 (1910) - Charles Ives: Piano Trio (1911)
May 17, 1973 Prof. Saschko Gavriloff, violin; Prlf. Mirko Dorner, cello; Prof. Iwona Salling, piano Undine 40249726, CD (1997). 70 Jahre Folkwang Hochschule: Musik aus vier Jahrhunderten
May 16-19, 1974, Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, the Netherlands Beaux Arts Trio: Menahem Pressler, piano; Isidore Cohen, violin; Bernard Greenhouse, cello Philips 6500 860, 33.3 RPM (1975). Philips 4751712, CD (2003). Philips 4762545, CD (2004). Shostakovich: Piano Trio No. 2, Op. 67 - Ives: Trio (1911). Beaux Arts Trio: Philips Recordings 1967-1974. A 50 Year Celebration in Music.
June 1974, Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK Cardiff Festival Ensemble: James Barton, violin; George Isaac, cello; Martin Jones, piano Argo ZRG-794, LP (1975). Charles Ives: Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano - Aaron Copland: Quartet for Piano and Strings
October 24, 1977, Bishops Gate Nottingham, London, England, UK New England Trio: Sally Mays, piano; John Knight, violin; Lawrence Lenske, cello HNH Records HNH-4070, 33.3 RPM (1977). Piano Trios
ca. 1978 Pablo Casals Trio (Oswald Lehnert, violin; Jurgen de Lemos, cello; Paul Parmelee, piano) Auris of Boulder AUR-1001, 33.3 RPM (1978). Brahms: Trio in C Major, Op. 87 - Ives: Trio 1904
February 27-29, 1984 Grüneburg Trio: Ulrich Koneffke, piano; Susanne Stoodt, violin; Joachim Griesheimer, cello Harmonia Mundi, 33.3 RPM (1984). Grüneburg Trio: Ives - Furrer - Beethoven
June 7-11, 1987, Sprague Memorial Hall, Yale Unversity, New Haven, CT. The Toledo Trio: Frances Renzi, piano; Kirk Toth, violin; Steven Elisha, cello Musical Heritage Society 512283Z, CD (1988). The Toledo Trio Paints Three New England Portraits
August 28-30, 1987, Fredrich-Ebert-Halle, Harburg, Germany Das Folkwang Klaviertrio: Pierre-Alain Chamot, violin; Thomas Dieker, cello; Susanne Maninger, piano Outsider 110, 33.3 RPM (1988). Musikalische Spezialitäten 1987 = Musical Specialties 1987
March 1989, TELDEC Studio Berlin, Berlin, Germany. Trio Fontenay: Wolf Harden, piano; Michael Mücke, violin; Niklas Schmidt, cello Teldec 244 924-2, CD (1989). Johannes Brahms: Klaviertrio Nr. 1 H-dur, Op. 8 - Charles Ives: Klaviertrio
ca. 1990 Monticello Trio: Tannis Gibson, piano; Mark Rush, violin; Mathias Wexler, violoncello Composers Recordings (CRI) 583, CD (1990). Trio
May 5-7, 1992 The Hartley Trio: Jacqueline Hartley, violin; Lionel Handy, cello; Caroline Clemmow, piano Gamut Classics GAM-CD-536, CD (1993). Dal Segno DSPRCD057 (2010). Aaron Copland Vitebsk and Other American Piano Trios. American Piano Trios.
June 15-18, 1992, Jordan Hall, New England Conservatory, Boston, MA. Ronan Lefkowitz, violin; Yo-Yo Ma, cello; Gilbert Kalish, piano Sony Classical SK-53126, CD (1993). Made in America
October 1992, Warner Concert Hall, Oberlin Conservatory, Oberlin, OH. The Oberlin Trio: Stephen Clapp, violin; Andor Toth, cello; Joseph Schwartz, piano Eclectra ECCD-2028, CD (1999). Twentieth Century American Piano Trios: The First Fifty Years, a Retrospective
March 25-27, 1994, Sala Bossi, Conservatory G.B. Martini, Bologna, Italy. Trio Matisse: Emanuela Piemonti, piano; Paolo Ghidoni, violin; Alberto Drufuca, cello Ermitage ERM-413 DDD, CD (1994). Aura AUR 419-2 DDD, CD (2000). Piano Trios: Ives, De Pablo, Solbiati. Charles Ives: Trio - Luis De Pablo: Trio - Alessandro Solbiati: Trio.
February 25-26, 1995, Recital Hall, State University of New York, Purchase, NY. Glenn Dicterow, violin; Alan Stepansky, cello; Israela Margalit, piano EMI 7243 5 55406, CD (1996). EMI 50999 2 34450, CD (2008). Warner Classics 2344502, CD (2008). Charles Ives: Songs, Piano Trio, Violin Sonata Nos. 2 & 4.
November 22-24, 1996, The American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, New York City, NY The Peabody Trio: Violaine, Melacon, violin; Thomas Kraines, cello; Seth Knopp, piano CD Variés 3000583, CD (1997). The Peabody Trio Plays Trios by Maurice Ravel and Charles Ives
January 1997, Baltimore, MD. The Piano Trio: Hsiu-Hui Wang, piano; Sheng-Tsung Wang, Violin; Benjamin Myers, cello A.W. Promotions CCM-0123, CD (1997).
May 18-19, August 6-7, 1997, l'aula du CO de la Gruy√®re a Bulle, Bulle, Switzerland. Trio Animæ: Tomas Dratva, piano; Jean Christophe Gawrysiak, violin; Dieter Hilpert, cello Cascavelle VEL-1072, CD (1997). Charles E. Ives - Astor Piazzolla
May 1998, Dooposgezinde Kerk, Deventer, The Netherlands, and June 1998, Muziekcentrum Frits Phillips, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Osiris Trio: Ellen Corver, piano; Peter Brunt, violin; Larissa Groeneveld, cello Channel Classics CCS-13098, CD (1998). Challenge Classics CC72615, CD (2013). Folk Music: Dvořák, Martin, Ives. Osiris Trio: 25th Anniversary Box.
ca. 1998 Werner Bartschi, piano; Martin Mumelter, violin; Wen-Sin Yang, cello Koch Schwann Musica Mundi 3-6714-2 (Germany, 1998). Music for Three - Charles Ives & John Cage
ca. 1998 Altenberg Trio Wien: Claus-Christian Schuster, piano; Amiram Ganz, violin; Martin Hornstein, violoncello Challenge Classics 72003, CD (1998). Piano Trios from America
November 15-17, 1999, Snape Maltings Concert Hall, Snape, Suffolk, UK. The Bekova Sisters: Elvira Bekova, violin; Alfia Bekova, cello; Eleonora Bekova, piano Chandos 9844, CD (2000). Clarke & Ives: Piano Trios
February 27- March 2, 2001, Grosser Sendesaal/ Funkhaus, Cologne, Germany. Zürcher Klaviertrio: Gabriel Adorjan, violin; Joël Marosi, cello; Christiane Frucht, piano Claves CD 50-2106, CD (2001). Zürcher Klavier Trio: Piazzolla, Schnyder, Ives
ca. 2009 CUA Wind Symphony and Chamber Winds; Robert J. Garofalo, conductor The Catholic University of America Label (number unlisted), CD (2009). Music of Hindemith, Holst, Ives, Bennett, Grafulla and Bird
ca. 2012 Triple Forte: Jasper Wood, violin; Yegor Dyachkov, cello; David Jalbert, piano Atma ACD22633, CD (2012). Triple Forte: Ravel - Shostakovich - Ives
January 30, 31, February 1, 2013, Warner Concert Hall, Oberlin Conservatory, Oberlin, Ohio Lions Gate Trio: Katie Lansdale, violin; Darrett Adkins, cello; Florence Millet, piano Centaur 3383 (2014). Ravel - Ives - Clarke
November 10th, 2014 Trio Appasionata: Ronaldo Rolim, piano; Lydia Chernicoff, violin; Andrea Casarrubios, cello Odradek Records ODRCD313, CD (2014). gone into night are all the eyes
ca. 1986 Eliot Fisk, guitar; Paula Robison, flute Music Masters MMD-20115, 33.3 RPM (1986). Music Masters 40115K, cassette (1986). MusicMasters MMD-60115H, CD (1986). Nimbus NI2560, CD (2010). Mountain Songs: A Cycle of American Folk Music
see SONATA, VIOLIN & PIANO, NO. 2: ii.
iii. see also SYMPHONY NO. 4: i. WATCHMAN
February 22, 1946, New York City, NY. Joan Field, violin; Ray Lev, piano Yale Charles Ives Non-Commercial Sound Recordings 39002038370848, 1/4 inch sound tape reel. [i, ii, part of iii] Yale Charles Ives Non-Commercial Sound Recordings 39002038370855, 1/4 inch sound tape reel. [part iii of iii] Recorded from broadcast of WNYC, New York
September 1951, Greenough Studio, New York City, NY. Joan Field, violin; Leopold Mittman, piano Lyrichord LL17, 33.3 RPM (1951). Charles Ives: Sonatas #1 and #3
August 15-17, 1955, Fine Sound Studios, New York City, NY. Rafael Druian, violin; John Simms, piano Mercury MG5 0096, 33.3 RPM (1956). Philips PHC9018 in set PHC2002, electronic stereo 33.3 RPM (1966). Charles Ives: Sonatas for Violin and Piano (Complete)
June 16-18, 1964, Judson Hall, New York City, NY. Paul Zukofsky, violin; Gilbert Kalish, piano. Folkways FM3346, 33.3 RPM (1964). Smithsonian Folkways FW03346, CD (2004). Charles Ives: The Sonatas for Violin and Piano Recorded by David B. Hancock
May 1973, Rutgers Presbyterian Church, New York City, NY Paul Zukofsky, violin; Gilbert Kalish, piano Nonesuch HB-73025, 33.3 RPM (1974). Sonatas for Violin & Piano
October 29, 1974, Gideon F. Egner Memorial Chapel, Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pennsylvania Daniel Stepner, violin; John Kirkpatrick, pianist and lecturer Yale HSR W-356, CD (date of digital transfer not listed).
May 1975, Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY Frank Glazer, piano; Millard Taylor, violin; Alan Harris, cello Vox SVBX-564, 33.3 RPM (1976). Charles Ives: Complete Chamber Music Vol. 1
December 18-21, 1979, (8 sessions, 2 per day), Columbia (CBS) 30th St. Studios, New York, NY Daniel Stepner, violin; John Kirkpatrick, piano Musical Heritage Society 824501, 33.3 RPM (1981). Musical Heritage Society 424501T, CD (1992). Musical Heritage Society 5291876, CD (2009). Charles Ives: Five Sonatas
1989 Martin Mumelter, violin; Herman Henck, piano Edition Michael Frauenlob Bauer MFB 011-012, 33.3 RPM (1989). Charles Ives: Die vier Sonaten für Violine und Klavier - Largo für Violine und Klavier
1991 Gregory Fulkerson, violin; Robert Shannon, piano BRIDGE 9024A/B, CD (1991). Charles Ives: The Sonatas for Violin and Piano
ca. 1991, Newton County High School Auditorium, Covington, GA. Alexander Ross, Violin; Richard Zimdars, piano Bay Cities BCD 1026, CD (1991). Charles Ives: The Four Violin Sonatas
December 1995, Tonstudio van Geest, Sandhausen, Germany. Hansheinz Schneeberger, violin; Daniel Cholette, piano ECM Records ECM-1605, CD (1999). ECM New Series ECM4499562, CD (2008). Charles Ives: Sonatas for Violin and Piano
ca. 1996 Jerrold Rubenstein, violin; Dalia Ouziel, piano Masters of Art AAOC-93822, CD (1996). American Music for Violin and Piano
October 24, 1997 Nobu Wakabayashi, violin; Thomas Wise, piano. Arte Nova 74321 75495 2, CD (2000). Charles Ives: Gesamtwerk für Violine und Klavier: Complete Works for Violin and Piano
January 8-10, 1998, Duncan Recital Hall, Rice University Shepherd School of Music, Houston, TX. Curt Thompson, violin; Rodney Waters, piano Naxos 8.559119, CD (2003). Charles Ives: Violin Sonatas Nos. 1-4