List of Compositions

based upon James B. Sinclair: A Descriptive Catalogue of the Music of Charles Ives

Music of Charles Ives

(636 extant, 92 lost)

I: Works for Orchestra (51)

A: Symphonies (6)

1. Symphony No. 1

i. Allegro

Rej. ii. Largo [inc.?]

ii. Adagio molto

iii. Scherzo: Vivace

iv. Allegro molto

2. Symphony No. 2

i. Andante moderato

ii. Allegro

iii. Adagio cantabile

iv. Lento (maestoso)

v. Allegro molto vivace

3. Symphony No. 3: The Camp Meeting

i. Old Folks Gatherin'

ii. Children's Day

iii. Communion

Rej. iv. -- [inc.]

4. Symphony No. 4

i. Prelude

ii. Allegretto

iii. Fugue

iv. Largo

5. A Symphony: New England Holidays

i. Washington's Birthday

ii. Decoration Day

iii. The Fourth of July

iv. Thanksgiving and Forefathers' Day

6. Universe Symphony

i. Prelude No. 1

ii. Prelude No. 2 [inc.]

iii. Prelude No. 3 [lost]

iv. Section A

v. Section B [inc.]

vi. Section C [inc.] / Coda

B: Sets (14)

i. Orchestral Sets (3)

7. Orchestral Set No. 1: Three Places in New England

i. The "St. Gaudens" in Boston Common (Col. Shaw and his Colored Regiment).

ii. Putnam's Camp, Redding, Connecticut

iii. The Housatonic at Stockbridge

8. Orchestral Set No. 2

i. An Elegy to Our Forefathers

ii. The Rockstrewn Hills Join in the People's Outdoor Meeting

iii. From Hanover Square North, at the End of a Tragic Day, the Voice of the People Again Arose

9. Orchestral Set No. 3

i. --

ii. An Afternoon or During Camp Meetin' Week-One Secular Afternoon (In Bethel) [inc.]

iii. -- [inc.]

ii. Sets for Chamber Orchestra (11)

10. Set No. 1

i. Scherzo: The See'r

ii. A Lecture

iii. The Ruined River

iv. Like a Sick Eagle

v. Calcium Light Night

vi. Allegretto sombreoso

11. Set No. 2

i. Largo: The Indians

ii. "Gyp the Blood" or Hearst!? Which is Worst?! [inc.?]

iii. Andante: The Last Reader

12. Set No. 3

i. Adagio sostenuto: At Sea

ii. Luck and Work

iii. Premonitions [inc.]

13. Set No. 4: Three Poets and Human Nature

i. Robert Browning [projected]

ii. Walt Whitman [projected]

iii. West London [projected]

14. Set No. 5: The Other Side of Pioneering, or Side Lights on American Enterprise

i. The New River [projected]

ii. The Indians [projected]

iii. Charlie Rutlage [projected]

iv. Ann Street [projected]

15. Set No. 6: From the Side Hill

i. Mists [projected]

ii. The Rainbow [projected]

iii. Afterglow [projected]

iv. Evening [projected]

16. Set No. 7: Water Colors

i. At Sea [projected]

ii. Swimmers [projected]

iii. The Pond [projected]

iv. Full Fathom Five [lost]

17. Set No. 8: Songs without Voices

i. The New River [projected]

ii. The Indians [projected]

iii. Ann Street [projected]

18. Set No. 9 of Three Pieces

i. Andante con moto: The Last Reader

ii. Scherzo: The See'r

iii. Largo to Presto: The Unanswered Question

19. Set No. 10 of Three Pieces

i. Largo molto: Like a Sick Eagle

ii. Allegro-Andante: Luck and Work

iii. Adagio: The Indians

20. Set for Theatre Orchestra

i. In the Cage

ii. In the Inn

iii. In the Night

C: Overtures (7)

21. Alcott Overture [mostly lost]

22. Emerson Overture for Piano and Orchestra [inc.]

23. Matthew Arnold Overture [inc.]

24. Overture and March "1776"

25. Overture in G Minor [inc.]

26. Overture: Nationals [mostly lost]

27. Robert Browning Overture

D: Marches (6)

28. Holiday Quickstep

29. March No. 2, with "Son of a Gambolier"

30. March No. 3 in F and C [inc.]

31. March No. 3, with "My Old Kentucky Home"

32. March No. 4 in F and C [inc.]

33. March: The Circus Band

E: Other Works (18)

34. Central Park in the Dark

35. Chromâtimelôdtune

36. "Country Band" March [inc.]

37. The General Slocum [inc.]

38. The Gong on the Hook and Ladder or Firemen's Parade on Main Street

39. Piece for Small Orchestra and Organ [mostly lost]

40. The Pond

41. Postlude in F

42. Three Ragtime Dances

i. [lost]

ii. [reworking of Four Ragtime Dances, no. 1] [mostly lost]

iii. [reworking of Four Ragtime Dances, no. 3] [mostly lost]

43. Four Ragtime Dances

i. No. 1

ii. No. 2

iii. No. 3

iv. No. 4

44. Nine Ragtime Dances [mostly lost]

45. The Rainbow

46. Skit for Danbury Fair [inc.]

47. Take-Off No. 7: Mike Donlin-Johnny Evers [inc.]

48. Take-Off No. 8: Willy Keeler at Bat [inc.]

49. Tone Roads et al.

i. No. 1 (Allegro)

ii. No. 2 (Slow) [lost?]

iii. No. 3 (Andante con moto-Allegro)

50. The Unanswered Question

51. Yale-Princeton Football Game [inc.?]

II: Works for Band (5)

52. Fantasia on "Jerusalem the Golden"

53. March in F and C, with "Omega Lambda Chi"

54. March "Intercollegiate," with "Annie Lisle"

55. Runaway Horse on Main Street [mostly lost]

56. Schoolboy March in D and F, Op. 1 [mostly lost]

III: Works for Chamber Ensembles (30)

A: String Quartets (2)

57. String Quartet No. 1: From the Salvation Army

i. Chorale

ii. Prelude

iii. Offertory

iv. Postlude

58. String Quartet No. 2

i. Discussions

ii. Arguments

iii. The Call of the Mountains

B: Violin Sonatas (5)

59. Pre-First Sonata for Violin and Piano

i. Allegretto moderato

Rej. ii. Largo

ii. Largo

Rej. iii. Scherzo [inc.]

iii. Largo-Allegro [inc.]

60. Sonata No. 1 for Violin and Piano

i. Andante-Allegro vivace

ii. Largo cantabile

iii. Allegro

61. Sonata No. 2 for Violin and Piano

i. Autumn

ii. In the Barn

iii. The Revival

62. Sonata No. 3 for Violin and Piano

i. Adagio

ii. Allegro

iii. Adagio cantabile

63. Sonata No. 4 for Violin and Piano: Children's Day at the Camp Meeting

i. Allegro

ii. Largo-Allegro (conslugarocko)-Andante con spirito-Adagio cantabile-Largo cantabile

iii. Allegro

Rej. iv. Adagio-Faster

C: Other Works (23)

64. Decoration Day for Violin and Piano

65. From the Steeples and the Mountains

66. Fugue in B [inc.]

67. Fugue in D [mostly lost]

68. Fugue in Four Greek Modes [inc.]

69. Fugue in Four Keys on "The Shining Shore" [inc.]

70. The Gong on the Hook and Ladder or Firemen's Parade on Main Street

71. Hallowe'en

72. In Re Con Moto et al.

73. Largo for Violin, Clarinet, and Piano

74. Largo Risoluto No. 1

75. Largo Risoluto No. 2

76. An Old Song Deranged

77. Piece in G for String Quartet [inc.]

78. Polonaise [inc.]

79. Practice for String Quartet in Holding Your Own!

80. Prelude on "Eventide"

81. Scherzo: All the Way Around and Back

82. Scherzo: Over the Pavements

83. Scherzo for String Quartet

84. A Set of Three Short Pieces

i. Largo cantabile: Hymn

ii. Scherzo: Holding Your Own!

iii. Adagio cantabile: The Innate

85. Take-Off No. 3: Rube Trying to Walk 2 to 3!!

86. Trio for Violin, Violoncello, and Piano

i. Moderato

ii. Presto ("TSIAJ" or Medley on the Fence or on the Campus!)

iii. Moderato con moto

IV: Works for Piano (43)

A: Sonatas (3)

87. Sonata No. 1 for Piano

i. Adagio con moto-Andante con moto-Allegro risoluto-Adagio cantabile

iia. Allegro moderato-Andante

iib. Allegro-Meno mosso con moto ("In the Inn")

iii. Largo-Allegro-Largo

iva. --

ivb. Allegro-Presto-Slow

v. Andante maestoso-Adagio cantabile-Allegro-Andante

88. Sonata No. 2 for Piano: Concord, Mass., 1840-60

i. Emerson

ii. Hawthorne

iii. The Alcotts

iv. Thoreau

89. Three-Page Sonata

B: Studies (19)

90. Study No. 1: Allegro [inc.]

91. Study No. 2: Andante moderato-Allegro molto

92. Study No. 4: Allegro moderato [inc.]

93. Study No. 5: Moderato con anima

94. Study No. 6: Andante

95. Study No. 7: Andante cantabile

96. Study No. 8: Trio (Allegro moderato-Presto)

97. Study No. 9: The Anti-Abolitionist Riots in the 1830's and 1840's

98. Study No. 10 [mostly lost]

99. Study No. 11: Andante [inc.]

100. Study No. 15: Allegro moderato [inc.]

101. Study No. 16: Andante cantabile [inc.]

102. Study No. 18: Sunrise Cadenza (Adagio) [inc.]

103. Study No. 19 [inc.]

104. Study No. 20: March (Slow allegro or Fast andante)

105. Study No. 21: Some Southpaw Pitching

106. Study No. 22: Andante maestoso-Allegro vivace

107. Study No. 23: Allegro

108. Study No. 27: Chromâtimelôdtune [inc.]

C: Marches (7)

109. March No. 1 for Piano, with "Year of Jubilee"

110. March No. 2 for Piano, with "Son of a Gambolier" [inc.]

111. March No. 3 for Piano, with "Omega Lambda Chi"

112. March No. 5 for Piano, with "Annie Lisle"

113. March No. 6 for Piano, with "Here's to Good Old Yale"

114. March in G and C for Piano, with "See the Conquering Hero Comes"

115. March for Piano: The Circus Band

D: Other Works (10)

116. The Celestial Railroad

117. Three Improvisations

i. No. I

ii. No. II

iii. No. III

118. Invention in D

119. Minuetto, Op. 4 [inc.?]

120. New Year's Dance [inc.?]

121. Piece in G Minor [inc.]

122. Set of Five Take-Offs

i. The Seen and Unseen?

ii. Rough and Ready et al.

iii. Song without (good) Words or the Good & the Bad (new & old)

iv. Scene Episode

v. Bad Resolutions and Good WAN!

-- Three Protests (see Varied Air and Variations, #124)

123. Four Transcriptions from "Emerson"

i. Slowly

ii. Moderato

iii. Largo

iv. Allegro agitato-Broadly

124. Varied Air and Variations

125. Waltz-Rondo

E: Duets (4)

126. Burlesque Storm [inc.?]

127. Drum Corps or Scuffle [mostly lost]

128. Three Quarter-Tone Pieces

i. Largo

ii. Allegro

iii. Chorale

129. Ragtime Dances for Two Pianos

i. No. 1 [lost]

ii. No. 2 [mostly lost]

V: Works for Organ (13)

130. Adagio in F [inc.]

131. "Adeste Fideles" in an Organ Prelude

132. Burlesque Postlude in B [inc.]

133. Burlesque Postlude in C

134. Canzonetta in F

135. Fugue in C Minor [inc.?]

136. Fugue in E

137. Interludes for Hymns

i. Interlude for NETTLETON

ii. Interlude for BETHANY

iii. Interlude for an unidentified hymn

iv. Interlude for WOODWORTH

138. Melody in E [inc.?]

139. Postlude for Thanksgiving Service [mostly lost]

140. Variations on "America"

141. Voluntary in C Minor [inc.]

142. Voluntary in F [inc.]

VI: Works for Choral Ensembles (60)

A: Sacred Works (36)

i. Multi-movement works (3)

143. The Celestial Country

Introduction before No. 1

i. Prelude, Trio, and Chorus

Prelude before No. 2

ii. Aria for Baritone

iii. Quartet

Interlude before No. 4

iv. Intermezzo for String Quartet

Interlude after No. 4

v. Double Quartet

vi. Aria for Tenor

Introduction to No. 7

vii. Chorale and Finale

144. Communion Service

ia. Kyrie [I] [inc.]

ib. Kyrie [II]

ic. Kyrie [III]

ii. Gratias agimus

iii. Gloria tibi

iv. Sursum corda

v. Credo [inc.]

via. Sanctus [I]

vib. Sanctus II

vii. Benedictus

viii. Agnus Dei

145. Three Harvest Home Chorales

i. Harvest Home

ii. Lord of the Harvest

iii. Harvest Home

ii. Psalms (10)

146. Psalm 14

147. Psalm 24

148. Psalm 25

149. Psalm 42

150. Psalm 54

151. Psalm 67

152. Psalm 90

153. Psalm 100

154. Psalm 135

155. Psalm 150

iii. Others Works for Choral Ensembles (23)

156. All-Forgiving, look on me

157. Anthem: With Hearts Rejoicing Ever [inc.]

158. Be Thou, O God, Exalted High [inc.]

159. Benedictus in E

160. Benedictus in G [inc.]

161. Bread of the World [inc.]

162. Nine Canticle Phrases [inc.]

i. For the Lord is a great God

ii. O come let us worship

iii. For he cometh to judge the earth

iv. --

v. --

vi. Magnificat

vii. --

viii. --

ix. Benedictus

163. Chant, Op. 2, No. 2 [inc.]

164. Crossing the Bar

165. Easter Anthem [inc.]

166. Easter Carol

167. Gloria in Excelsis [inc.]

168. Hymn, Op. 2, No. 1 [inc.]

169. I Come to Thee

170. I Think of Thee, My God [inc.]

171. Kyrie [inc.]

172. Life of the World [inc.]

173. The Light That Is Felt [inc.]

174. Lord God, Thy Sea Is Mighty [inc.]

175. O God, My Heart Is Fixed [inc.]

176. Processsional: Let There Be Light

177. Serenity [mostly lost]

178. Turn Ye, Turn Ye

B: Secular Works (24)

i. Chorus with Instrumental Ensemble (12)

179. December

180. An Election

181. General William Booth Enters into Heaven

182. He Is There!

183. Johnny Poe [inc.]

184. Lincoln, the Great Commoner

185. The Masses (Majority)

186. The New River

187. Sneak Thief [inc.]

188. They Are There! (A War Song March)

189. Two Slants (Christian and Pagan)

i. Duty

ii. Vita

190. Walt Whitman [inc.]

ii. Partsongs (12)

191. Age of Gold [inc.]

192. The Bells of Yale

193. The Boys in Blue

194. For You and Me!

195. My Sweet Jeanette [inc.?]

196. O Maiden Fair [inc.]

197. Partsong in A [inc.]

198. Partsong in B [inc.]

199. Partsong in E

200. Serenade

201. A Song of Mory's

202. The Year's at the Spring

VII: Works for the Stage (2)

A: Projected Operas

[see XII/G/i: Lost or Projected Works]

B: Fraternity Shows (2)

203. KE Show [III], song with chorus

204. Pass the Can Along [inc.]

[see also XII/G/ii: Lost or Projected Works]

VIII: Songs (195)

205. Abide with me

206. Aeschylus and Sophocles

207. Afterglow

208. Allegro

209. The All-Enduring

210. Amphion

211. Ann Street

212. At Parting

213. At Sea

214. At the River

215. Atalanta [inc.]

216. August

217. Autumn [II]

218. Because of You

219. Because Thou Art

220. Berceuse

221. The Cage

222. The Camp Meeting

223. Canon [I]

224. Canon [II]

225. Chanson de Florian

226. Charlie Rutlage

227. The Children's Hour

228. A Christmas Carol

229. The Circus Band

230. The Collection

231. The Coming of the Day [inc.]

232. Country Celestial

233. Cradle Song

234. December

235. Disclosure

236. Down East

237. Dream Sweetly [inc.]

238. Dreams

239. Du alte Mutter / My dear old mother

240. Du bist wie eine Blume

-- [Duty: see Two Slants (Christian and Pagan)]

241. Ein Ton / I hear a tone

-- [An Election: see Nov. 2, 1920]

242. Elégie

243. The Ending Year

244. Evening

245. Evidence

-- [Eyes so dark: see Weil' auf mir]

246. Far from my heav'nly home

247. Far in the wood

248. A Farewell to Land

249. La Fede

250. Feldeinsamkeit / In Summer Fields

251. Flag Song

252. Forward into Light

253. Friendship

254. Frühlingslied

255. General William Booth Enters into Heaven

256. God Bless and Keep Thee

257. Grace

258. Grantchester

259. The Greatest Man

260. Gruss

261. Harpalus

262. He Is There!

-- [Hear My Prayer, O Lord: see A Song--For Anything]

263. Her Eyes

264. Her gown was of vermilion silk

265. His Exaltation

266. The Housatonic at Stockbridge

267. Hymn

268. Hymn of Trust [inc.]

-- [I hear a tone: see Ein Ton]

269. I knew and loved a maid

270. I travelled among unknown men

271. Ich grolle nicht / I'll not complain

-- [I'll not complain: see Ich grolle nicht]

272. Ilmenau / Over all the treetops

273. Immortality

274. In a mountain spring [inc.]

275. In April-tide

276. In Autumn

277. In Flanders Fields

278. In My Beloved's Eyes

-- [In Summer Fields: see Feldeinsamkeit]

279. In the Alley

280. The "Incantation"

281. Incomplete song [I]

282. Incomplete song [II]

283. The Indians

284. The Innate

285. Kären

286. The Last Reader

287. The Light That Is Felt

288. Like a Sick Eagle

289. Lincoln, the Great Commoner

290. Longing [inc.]

291. Die Lotosblume / The Lotus Flower [inc.]

292. The Love Song of Har Dyal

293. Luck and Work

294. Majority

295. Maple Leaves

296. Marie

297. Memories: a. Very Pleasant; b. Rather Sad

298. Minnelied

299. Mirage

300. Mists [I]

301. Mists [II]

302. My Lou Jennine

303. My Native Land [I]

304. My Native Land [II]

305. My Task [inc.]

306. Nature's Way

307. Naught that country needeth

308. The New River

309. Night of Frost in May

310. A Night Song

311. A Night Thought

312. No More

313. Nov. 2, 1920 (An Election)

314. An Old Flame

315. Old Home Day

316. The Old Mother

317. Omens and Oracles

318. On Judges' Walk

319. On the Antipodes

320. On the Counter

321. "1, 2, 3"

322. The One Way

323. The Only Son

-- [Over all the treetops: see Ilmenau]

324. Paracelsus

325. Peaks

326. A Perfect Day

327. Pictures

328. Premonitions

329. Qu'il m'irait bien

330. The Rainbow (So May It Be!)

331. Religion

332. Remembrance

333. Requiem

334. Resolution

335. Rock of Ages

336. Romanzo (di Central Park)

337. Rosamunde

338. Rosenzweige

339. Rough Wind

340. Runaway Horse on Main Street [inc.]

341. A Scotch Lullaby

342. A Sea Dirge

343. The Sea of Sleep

344. The See'r

345. Sehnsucht

346. September

347. Serenity

348. The Side Show

349. Slow March

350. Slugging a Vampire

351. Smoke [inc.]

-- [So May It Be!: see The Rainbow]

352. Soliloquy

353. A Son of a Gambolier

354. Song

355. A Song--For Anything: a. When the waves softly sigh; b. Yale, Farewell!; c. Hear My Prayer, O Lord

356. Song for Harvest Season

357. The Song of the Dead [lost]

358. Song without words [I]

359. Song without words [II]

360. Song without words [III] [inc.]

361. Songs my mother taught me

362. The South Wind / Die Lotosblume

363. Spring Song

364. The Sun shines hot [inc.]

365. Sunrise [inc.]

366. Swimmers

367. Tarrant Moss

368. Thee I Love [inc.]

369. There is a certain garden

370. There is a lane

371. They Are There!

372. The Things Our Fathers Loved

373. Thoreau

374. Those Evening Bells

375. Through Night and Day

376. To Edith

377. Tolerance

378. Tom Sails Away

379. Two Little Flowers

380. Two Slants (Christian and Pagan): a. Duty; b. Vita

-- [Vita: see Two Slants (Christian and Pagan)]

381. Vote for Names! Names! Names! [inc.]

382. The Waiting Soul

383. Walking

384. Walt Whitman

385. Waltz

386. Watchman! [II]

387. Weil' auf mir / Eyes so dark

388. West London

389. When stars are in the quiet skies

-- [When the waves softly sigh: see A Song--For Anything]

390. Where the eagle cannot see

391. The White Gulls

392. Who knows the light [inc.]

393. Widmung

394. Wie Melodien zieht es mir

395. Wiegenlied

396. William Will

397. The World's Highway

398. The World's Wanderers

-- [Yale, Farewell!: see A Song--For Anything]

399. Yellow Leaves

IX: Exercises (39)

A: Exercises (17)

400. Canon in A Minor [I] [inc.]

401. Canon in A minor [II] [inc.]

402. Canon in C

403. Canon in D [I] [inc.]

404. Canon in D [II] [inc.]

405. Canon in E [inc.]

406. Canon in F

407. Canon in G [inc.]

408. Canon in G

409. Counterpoint Exercise in A [inc.]

410. Counterpoint Exercise in B

411. Counterpoint Exercise in C

412. Counterpoint Exercise in D

413. Counterpoint Exercise in E [I]

414. Counterpoint Exercise in E [II]

415. Counterpoint Exercise in F

416. Exercises in Fugal Answers

B: Polytonal and Burlesque Exercises (22)

417. Burlesque Amen

418. Burlesque Cadenza

419. Burlesque Canon in C [inc.]

420. Burlesque Canon in F

421. Burlesque Exercise in C [I]

422. Burlesque Exercise in C [II]

423. Burlesque Exercise in C [III]

424. Burlesque Exercise in C [IV]

425. Burlesque Exercise in C Minor

426. Burlesque Harmonization in C

427. Burlesque Harmonization in F over E

428. Burlesque Harmonizations of "London Bridge"

429. Burlesque Heart-Song

430. Burlesque Song-Opening, D-G

431. Burlesque Whole-Tone Exercise

432. Election Memo

433. Experiments

434. Fugue in Four Keys [I] [inc.]

435. Fugue in Four Keys [II]

436. Take-Off on "Surprise Symphony"

437. Polytonal Canon

438. Polytonal Exercise

X: Arrangements of Works by Other Composers (8)

439. Beethoven: Adagio in F from Piano Sonata, Op. 2, No. 1

440. E. Ives: Christmas Carol

441. In the Mornin'

442. Schubert: Impromptu in B [inc.]

443. Schubert: Impromptu in C Minor [inc.]

444. Schubert: Marche Militaire in D

445. Schumann: "Préambule" and "Valse noble" from Carnaval

446. Search me, O Lord

XI: Unidentified Fragments (190)

447-636. Fragments, untitled but described.

XII: Lost or Projected Works (92)

A: Works for Orchestra (24)

x637. Autumn Landscapes from Pine Mountain [lost]

x638. Two Contemplations [projected]

i. The Unanswered Perennial Question [see #050]

ii. Central Park in the Dark [see #034]

x639. Down East Overture [lost]

x640. Hawthorne Concerto for Piano and Orchestra [lost]

x641. List: Music and Democracy!

x642. March No. 1 [lost]

x643. March No. 6, with "Here's to Good Old Yale" [lost]

x644. Three Outdoor Scenes [projected publication grouping]

i. Allegro vivace: Hallowe'en [see #071]

ii. Largo sostenuto: The Pond [see #040]

iii. Central Park in the Dark (Some 40 Years Ago) [see #034]

x645. Overture: The American Woods [lost]

x646. Piece for Horn and Strings (on "Watchman") [lost]

x647. Quarter-Tone Chorale for Strings [lost]

x648. Ragtime Dance [lost]

x649. Set: Sounds! [projected]

i. Mulberry Trees / Mountain Trees

ii. Hanover Square before War / Walking Song

iii. Park Square

iv. Thoreau

x650. Set for Orchestra: Tone Pictures of Some Bygone Days

i. The Rockstrewn Hills Join in with the Church Bells [see #008ii]

ii. Calcium Light Night on the Campus [see #010v]

iii. A Yale-Princeton Football Game [see #051]

iv. Central Park in the Dark [see #034]

v. The Question of Existence-A Cosmic Landscape [see #050]

x651. Set of Cartoons or Take-Offs [mostly lost]

i-ii. [unknown]

iii. Take-Off No. 3: Rube Trying to Walk 2 to 3!! [see #085]

iv-vi. [unknown]

vii. Take-Off No. 7: Mike Donlin-Johnny Evers [inc.] [see #047]

viii. Take-Off No. 8: Willy Keeler at the Bat [inc.] [see #048]

[ix-?]. [unknown]

x652. Set of Overtures: In These United States [lost]

x653. Set of Overtures: Men of Literature [mostly lost]

i. Robert Browning [see # 027]

ii. Emerson [see #022]

iii. Matthew Arnold [see #023]

iv. Alcott [see #021]

v. Walt Whitman [lost]

vi. Whittier [lost]

vii. Henry Ward Beecher [lost]

x654. Set of Proposed Movements [I] [projected]

i. The New River

ii. Maple Leaves

iii. Charlie Rutlage

iv. The Indians

v. Ann Street

x655. Set of Proposed Movements [II] [projected]

i. At Sea

ii. Disclosure

iii. Swimmers

iv. The See'r

v. Walt Whitman

vi. Thoreau

vii. Old Home Day

viii. Mists [II]

ix. The Cage

x656. Set of Proposed Movements [III] [projected]

i. Walking

ii. ?Religion / ?Those Evening Bells

iii. The South Wind / Die Lotosblume

iv. The White Gulls

v. Two Little Flowers

vi. Like a Sick Eagle

vii. The Last Reader

viii. Evening

ix. Immortality

x657. Set of Proposed Movements [IV] [projected]

i. At Sea

ii. The New River

iii. The Indians

iv. The Rainbow

x658. Set of Three Pieces for Small Orchestra [performance grouping]

i. Hallowe'en

ii. The Pond

iii. The Gong on the Hook and Ladder

x659. A Symposium-Five Movements for Orchestra [projected]

i. Processional (In the Church) [see #176]

ii. The Rainbow (In the Sky) [see #045]

iii. Tone Roads (In the Wagon) [see #049i or iii]

iv. The Unanswered Question (In Contemplation) [see #050]

v. Robert Browning (In the Heart and Mind) [see #013i]

x660. Walking Suite [projected]

i. In [the] Car [see #019ii]

ii. In the Shop

iii. In [the] Yard

iv. In the Open

B: Works for Band (5)

x661. General Booth Enters into Heaven [lost]

x662. Holiday March [lost]

x663. March for Dewey Day [lost]

x664. Overture: Town, Gown and State [lost]

x665. Slow March, with "Adeste Fideles" [lost]

C: Works for Chamber Ensembles (14)

x666. Largo for Violin and Organ [lost]

x667. List: Possible Movements for Sets

x668. Piece for Cornet and Strings (on "The Beautiful River") [lost]

x669. Piece for Cornet (on "Katy Darling") [lost]

x670. Pre-First String Quartet [lost]

x671. Pre-Pre-First Sonata for Violin and Piano [lost]

x672. Pre-Second String Quartet [lost]

x673. Set of Three Pieces for Chamber Ensemble, No. 1 [projected]

i. Largo for Violin, Clarinet, and Piano [see #073]

ii. Scherzo: All the Way Around and Back [see #081]

iii. Andante con spirito: The Rainbow [see #045]

x674. Set of Three Pieces for Chamber Ensemble, No. 2 [projected]

i. Allegretto sombreoso: Incantation [see #010vi]

ii. Scherzo: Over the Pavements [see #082]

iii. Adagio sostenuto: At Sea [see #012i]

x675. Sonata for Trumpet and Organ [lost]

x676. Sonata No. 5 for Violin and Piano: New England Holidays [projected]

i. Washington's Birthday

ii. Decoration Day [see #064]

iii. The Fourth of July

iv. Thanksgiving and Forefathers' Day

x677. Song without Words for Cello [lost]

x678. Trio for Violin, Clarinet, and Piano [lost]

x679. Walden Sounds [lost]

D: Works for Piano (7)

x680. Demon's Dance Around the Pipe [lost]

x681. A Full Game at The Spot [lost]

x682. March No. 4 for Piano [lost]

x683. Set of Three Pieces for Piano [projected]

i. The Common

ii. The Abolitionists

iii. The "St. Gaudens"

x684. The Slaves' Shuffle [lost]

x685. Sonata No. 3 for Piano [lost]

x686. Studies No. 3, 12, 13, 14, 17, 24, 25 and 26 [lost]

E: Works for Organ (20)

x687. The Alcotts for Organ [lost]

x688. Fugue for Organ [lost]

x689. Holiday Quickstep for Organ [lost]

x690. Memorial Slow March [lost]

x691. Piece for Communion Service [lost]

x692. Piece for Organ, with "Adeste Fideles" [lost]

x693. Postlude [I] [lost]

x694. Postlude [II] [lost]

x695. Postlude [III] [lost]

x696. Postlude in F for Organ [lost]

x697. Prelude [I] [lost]

x698. Prelude [II] [lost]

x699. Prelude [III] [lost]

x700. Prelude [IV] [lost]

x701. Prelude for Thanksgiving Service [lost]

x702. Preludes [lost]

x703. Recital Piece for Organ [lost]

x704. Sonata for Organ [lost]

x705. Thoreau for Organ [lost]

x706. Toccata [lost]

F: Works for Chorus (9)

i. Sacred Works (8)

x707. Anthem: Religion [lost]

x708. Hymn-Anthem on "Eventide" [lost]

x709. Morning Service [lost]

x710. Piece for Unison Chorus, Organ, and Strings [lost]

x711. Piece for Voices and Organ [lost]

x712. Psalm 23 [mostly lost]

x713. Te Deum [lost]

x714. Vesper Service [lost]

ii. Secular Works (1)

x715. The All-Enduring [lost]

G: Music for the Stage (6)

i. Projected Operas (2)

x716. Benedict Arnold

x717. The Kimash Hills

ii. Fraternity Shows (4)

x718. KE Show [I]: piece [lost]

x719. KE Show [II] [lost]

x720. Hells Bells: "Hail to Phi" [lost]

x721. Royal Rivals [lost]

H: Songs (6)

x722. Ariel's Departure [lost]

x723. Autumn [I] [lost]

x724. Lost song [I]

x725. Lost song [II]

x726. Song with Violin and Organ [lost]

x727. Watchman! [I] [lost]

I: Unknown Medium (1)

x728. Hound of the Baskervilles [lost]