Dvorak’s Prophecy: A New Narrative for American Classical Music (2021)

Film 2: Charles Ives' America

Written and produced by Joseph Horowitz
Visual presentation by Peter Bogdanoff

“Joe Horowitz's ‘Charles Ives' America’ is very likely the most important film ever made about American music”

— JoAnn Falletta, Music Director, the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

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Steeped in nostalgia, in his Danbury childhood and the New England Transcendentalists with whom he profoundly identified, in the American experience of race which he absorbed from his Abolitionist grandparents, Charles Ives used the past with consummate empathy. A musical Whitman or Melville, he embodies the American trope of the “self-made genius,” heeding Emerson’s call to cut the cultural umbilical cord with Europe, forging an original path.


The Unanswered Ives: Portrait of a composer, Wall Street Giant and Pioneer of Sound (2018)

Directed by Ann-Kathrin Peitz

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This polished 2018 documentary by German director Anne-Kathrin Peitz—the first feature on the fascinating Ives—features interviews from admirers, musicians, musicologists, and family members. A beautifully representative selection of Ives’ work serves as the soundtrack...Both longtime fans and newcomers to Ives’ music will agree that his legacy is that of a true original, a composer who blazed a trail into the twentieth century and far beyond.


Charles Ives: A Good Dissonance Like a Man (1977)

A Film by T.W. Timreck, Peabody Award Winner

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This Peabody award winning portrait is based on the composer's reminiscences and taped interviews with friends and relatives. The taped interviews were compiled by the Oral History Program of the Yale School of Music